Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Futuristic Architecture - Responsive Architecture

A home that repairs itself?  Futuristic paint that hardens over time? Architecture that senses your need for a warmer room? It could all be happening in the near future if Phillip Beesley of the University of Waterloo has anything to say about it.  Check out the short news video below for what could be in store for us.

The concept of Hylozoic Ground (Architecture that lives and breathes) is interesting considering that we don't live in homes or work in buildings today that 'care' about us.  I don't know how I feel about a building that knows what I need in advance, but I certainly wouldn't mind having a home that repairs itself or creates it's own energy instead of drawing off of other non-renewable resources.

To read more about this interesting concept and Phillip Beesley's vision for the future, check out his book Hylozoic Ground on Amazon:

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