Saturday, February 22, 2014

16 Modern Tiny Homes - Tiny Houses For Tiny Mortgage Loans?

Modern tiny home #1
As I mentioned before in my first article about Tiny Homes, I'm obsessed with tiny houses.  Maybe it's because I'm amazed at how roomy they can actually seem to be inside, or maybe it's the way they can be made to look so modern.  I can't say for certain.  I certainly do like modern contemporary interior design (as well as exterior).

What I have for you today is some modern architectural eye candy while you think about the small price tag that goes with most tiny homes (sometimes as low as 15 thousand bucks, sometimes as high as 50 thousand).  I keep thinking to myself... I could pay 20 grand to own my own home (the price of a new car), that would be such a tiny mortgage loan compared to the house I live in now.  The average working person would be able to pay off a 20 thousand dollar loan in about 4 years for under $500 a month (what would you be paying for rent anyway if you were renting a house?).

So lets take a look at some of these modern tiny houses.  If for nothing else, they should give you some good home design ideas.  I like looking for home decoration ideas as well.

2)  I love that it's on different levels.  Look how little space it takes up on the side of the hill!

3) This one seems a little smaller than most and I wish I had an interior view to see what's inside.  I love the way it's elevate though (storage space underneath?), and I love the large porch and orange door that give this home some character.

4) This one is so small!  But by looking at it, it seems so big with all the white!  I love the contrast of the white on that beautiful dark wood.  I'm not sure how I like the reflective table and counter top, but this tiny home seems homey as well as clean and modern.  Not bad.

5) The exterior of this tiny home looks modern but by keeping the wood natural, it looks like it fits right in on a wooded property.  I love it.

6) This home looks large on the outside, but most of it appears to be the deck and stairs.  I love how the stairs go right down to the pool and the pool also goes under the stairs.

7) I'm including this picture, because while it's all natural wood, it still has a very modern feel to it with it's clean lines and large windows.  I love the odd angles of the walls and windows, and they way they've chosen to utilize space.  The sitting space on top could probably be turned into a bed.

8) This ultra tiny house would scare me half to death to live in to be honest, the way it's on stilts out over the cliff face, but at the same time, it's pretty cool, and it definitely has a view!

9) I love the high roof on this one, and the way that it seems like it should be in the forest, while still feeling modern.  Based on the interior pictures it looks a little larger than your typical tiny house, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

10) This house is certainly tiny, but look at the creative way they've engineered it to separate living spaces!  I would imagine the portion on the top right is a bedroom.  I think it's a very creative way to introduce a covered porch area in such a small space.
11) The outside of this small home doesn't look all that modern, but the inside does.  I wish I had skylights running the length of my home.

12) Spiral stairs are an awesome way to save space in a tiny home.  I love everything except the brick in the kitchen.  This certainly seems spacious, and it's hard to tell from this one photo, but it may be a little larger than your average tiny home.

13)  This seems to be one of those above average size tiny homes.  I'm not sure why they have the roof caved inwards catching the snow (maybe they're funneling water somehow for other uses), but I love the wood siding.

14) Again, a nice covered porch to entertain or relax on.  I love the white and black.  It almost feels industrial with the black metal.

15) This covered porch has a glass railing... not sure how kids would fare in this modern tiny home, but I love the way it looks!

16) So many tiny homes I see are out in nature.  With the wood siding this one seems to fit right in, even with the black contrast.  Lots of nice big windows to let the nature in.

I hope these 16 homes have given you some inspiration.  You can live both small, and beautifully, and a small price tag is definitely appealing.  Deciding on building a tiny home for a small mortgage loan rather than a ridiculously big one may allow you to buy nicer property in beautiful locales.  Keep in mind that different states, cities, and counties have different laws regarding the size of a living structure, and you should look into local laws before buying property to put a tiny home on.

Questions?  Comments?  Let us know below!